Maine High School Football Scores,Rankings, Playoffs

Maine High School Football Scores,Rankings, Playoffs

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Maine High School Football Scores 2023:


Maine High School Football Rankings:

The 2022–2023 meeting rankings were delivered on December 17, 2022, in light of groups' past exhibitions. Presently, we are delivering the refreshed top rundown of Maine high school football rankings for 2023.

#   School Name    

01. Leavitt (Turner)    

02. Oxford Hills (South Paris)    

03. Thornton Academy (Saco)

04. Cape Elizabeth    

05. Wells

06. Foxcroft Academy (Dover-Foxcroft)

07. Skowhegan    

08. Cheverus (Portland)    

09. Portland    

10. Bonny Eagle (Standish)    

11. Lisbon/St. Dominic (Lisbon Falls)

12. York    

13. Falmouth    

14. Fryeburg    

15. Cony (Augusta)    

16. Medomak Valley (Waldoboro)

17. Freeport    

18. Kennebunk    

19. South Portland

20. Lawrence (Fairfield)

21. Windham    

22. Sanford    

23. Winthrop/Monmouth Academy/Hall-Dale (Winthrop)

24. Scarborough    

25. Hermon

Maine High School Football Playoffs:

Football Playoff brackets played in Maine. MaxPreps covers ME Principals' Assn. (MPA) playoffs in our bracket system.

2023 Maine High School Football Playoff Brackets

MPA Football Championships

8-Man Large
8-Man Small
Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D

There were eight groups in this enormous gathering. The groups are Mount Remote, Camden Slopes, Morse, Waterville, Mt. Arafta, Dim New Gloucester, Yarmouth, and Spruce Mountain. Yarmouth Trimmers became champions in this eight-man, huge section.

There were 12 groups in 8-man Little's bunch. The groups were Dexter, Bucksport, Orono, Mattanawcook, Houlton, Stearns, Mountain Valley, Traip, Old Plantation Ocean Side, Telstar, Dirigo, Boothbay, Maranacook, and Sacopee Valley. Old Plantation's ocean-side seagulls became champions.

Bunch A was improved with six groups: Oxford Slopes, Scarborough, Bonny Falcon, Lewiston, Sanford, and Thornton Institute. Oxford Slopes Vikings became champions from this gathering.

Class B, or Section 2, was improved with 16 groups, and the groups are Cony, Mt. Blue, Falmouth, Gardiner, Windham, Lawrence, Skowhegan, Brever, Portland, Honorable, Kennebunk, Biddeford, South Portland, Marshwood, Massabesic, and Gorham. Skowhegan Stream's birds of prey became champions.

Bunch C was made up of 15 groups, and these groups were Medomak Valley, Belfast, Nokomis, Winslow, Oceanside, Maine Focal Organization, Herman, Hamphden, Leavitt, York, Cheverus, Cape Elizabeth, Fryeburg, and Wells. The Leavitt Hornets became champions at this gathering.

At last, from class D, the Foxcroft Foundation became champion. The groups were Foxcroft Foundation, Madison, Winthrop, Poland, Lisbon, John Baphst Remembrance, Freeport, and Oak Slope. As a matter of fact, how the game is played in the end-of-season games in Maine is the conventional method of Maine high school football.

For what reason is Maine high school football famous?

The high school football scene in this state is extremely interesting and appealing. I accomplished this standing from its beginning day, but it has caught its fame for astonishing execution in football.

01. What is the best high school football team in Maine?

As per the most recent rankings for 2022, Leavitt is number 1 for its general rating of 40.8.

02. What is the best football school in Maine?

The Thornton Foundation, Fryeburg Institute, and Washington Foundation are the top football teams in Maine.

03. Who is the best football player in Maine?

Elias Soehren of Oxford Slopes is the best MaxPreps player in 2022.

04. What is the number of high school football teams in Maine?

In reality, there are eight high school football teams in Maine.


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