Georgia high school football Scores, Rankings,Playoffs

Georgia high school football Scores, Rankings,Playoffs

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Georgia High School Football Scores 2023:



Georgia High School Football Rankings 2022:

he rankings of American high school football in 2022 were released a few days ago, and these rankings have been included below. These rankings are covered by Georgia secondary school football scores.

01.Benedictine for record (8-2)

02.Cedartown for record (10-0)

03.North Oconee for record (10-0)

04.Mill Creek for record (9-1)

05.Milton for record (7-3)

06.Westlake for record (7-3)

07.North Cobb for record (8-2)

Georgia high school football Playoffs:


01 What is the best secondary school football team in Georgia?

As indicated by the 2022 football rankings, Hughes is number 1 with its 10-0 group record.

02 Who is the best player for Georgia?

Caleb Williams is the best player in Georgia, as he is a champion of the Heisman Trophy.

03 Who is the most well-known Georgia football player?

Herchell Walker is the most renowned football player in Georgia.

04 Who is the best group in Georgia?

Dinamo Tbilisi, Georgia, is the best group in Georgia.

05 Who is the number one secondary school group in Georgia?

Plant Brook is the number 1 secondary school group in Georgia with a general score of 14-1 and an evaluation score of 83.


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