Florida High School Football Scores, Rankings

Florida High School Football Scores, Rankings

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Florida High School Football Scores 2023:


Florida High School Football Rankings:

Focal Miami ( IMG Academy (second), St. Thomas Aquinas (third), Chaminade Madonna (4th), and Lakeland (fifth) got the best 5 spots in the Florida high school football scores and in positioning in 2022.


01.Who is the number one high school football crew in Florida?

As per the Florida Secondary School Rankings, Focal Miami is the number 1 group in the ranking with a general score of 14-0.

02.Who came out on top for the secondary school football title in Florida?

Scneider came out on top for the title in Florida.

03.What is Florida's rank in football?

Florida is in the eleventh position with its 814 places.

04.Has Florida at any point brought home a state title?

Florida brought home three public titles, and the seasons were 1996, 2006, and 2008.


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